Quality Control

To demonstrate our concern for quality throughout our manufacturing and business processes, we aim to meet the most demanding standards of international quality certification ISO 9001-2008  – the international reference for best practices in quality management.

Arnold’s Metal Finishing ensures through external certification audits that it complies with the ISO 9001-2008 requirements.

For us, quality, sustainability and an active concern for the environment go hand in hand, reason why we’re certified, proving our commitment to minimal environmental impact as well as world-class quality in products and processes.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to conduct tests daily  to make corrections for optimum performance. For our customers, this means consistent quality.

You need quality you can depend on, and at Arnold’s Metal Finishing we guarantee high quality through tight control of our processes.

A quality inspection station tests parts after the anodizing or chemical brightening process to ensure that they meet or exceed all specifications, military (mil-spec) to commercial spec.

Arnold’s Metal Finishing chemists maintain tight tolerance controls on waste streams and process baths to assure not only quality anodic coatings, but environmental compliance.

Through various process controls we are able to monitor and control the correct anodized coating for your application.


Quality Criteria

  • Anodize film thickness
  • Anodize film uniformity
  • Anodize film density
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Reflectivity
  • Image clarity
  • Insulative properties
  • Adhesion
  • Sealing
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