Chemical film coating is also referred to as Chem Film, Chromate Conversion, Iridite and Alodine. These are essentially the same process, the application of a chromate conversion coating on aluminum. Chem film coating produces a finish which:
1. protects from corrosion;
2. assures good paint adhesion; and
3. conducts electricity.

Chem Film provides less corrosion resistance than other finishes such as anodizing, and does not resist abrasion.

Listed below are some of the more common standards in the industry.

We have a comprehensive library of standards available.

Standard             Description
MIL-STD 171        Finishing of metal and wood surfaces
MIL-STD 130        ID Marking of Military Property
MIL-A-8625          Anodic Coatings
MIL-C-5541          Chemical Conversion Coatings
MIL-I-53553 (Old)   Ink Marking Epoxy Base
AA 56032 (New)
TT-C-490             Cleaning Ferrous Surfaces
MIL-PRF-24712     Performance Specifications, Coatings, Powder
MIL-PRF-85582     Epoxy
MIL-PRF-85285     Performance Spec Primer Coating- Polyurethane.
GG-P-455             Plates & Foils, Photographic
MIL-DTL-15024     Plates, tags and bands for identification of equipment

If you are looking for a specific standard or a specific prime contractor standard not listed, please contact us.


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