A method for shielding areas from being coated by paint. This may be decorative or protective and includes EMI, RFI shielding. Sometimes, parts require more than one type of finish.

Arnol Metal Finishing offers precision masking that seals one area from the other allowing complex, multiple process coatings on the same part.

Ultimately masking is performed on many of the parts we process using a variety of means for selectively coating the hardware. Paints, waxes, tapes, plugs, mechanical masks, and even other finishes are used to protect the areas which are to be free from plating, anodizing, or other finishes.

The sample parts shown here required chromate conversion coating on certain areas, for electrical conductivity, and black hard coat anodize on the remainder of the part, for electrical insulation & abrasion resistance. To meet the customers hi volume production requirements we engineered custom masking jigs to get the job done in a timely manner.


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